Thông báo mời tham dự seminar: Some aspects of emerging computer memory elements forward their applications | Trang thông tin điện tử Trường ĐH Giao thông vận tải

Thông báo mời tham dự seminar: Some aspects of emerging computer memory elements forward their applications

Thông báo mời tham dự seminar: Some aspects of emerging computer memory elements forward their applications


 Trung tâm Nghiên cứu và Phát triển Việt –Nhật (ViJARD) phối hợp với bộ môn Kỹ thuật Điện tử, Khoa Điện-Điện tử tổ chức seminar khoa học về: linh kiện nhớ không mất dữ liệu kiểu mới: bộ nhớ hữu cơ, RRAM và một số ứng dụng, với báo cáo viên đến từ Đại học HongKong City và Học viện KTQS.

 Trung tâm ViJARD trân trọng kính mời: thầy cô giáo, các nhà Khoa học, nghiên cứu sinh, học viên cao học, sinh viên, tới dự buổi seminar với thông tin cụ thể như sau:

·         Thời gian: 15h30-17h40, thứ 3, ngày 24/10/2017

·         Địa điểm: P401/501 A1

·         Chương trình:





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Invited talk 1:


Hybrid floating-gate for data storage and sensing applications

Prof. Vellaisamy Roy

City University of Hong Kong, Hongkong


Abstract: Among all flash memory devices, field-effect transistor (FET) with a floating gate has its own advantages due to its non-destructive read-out and compatibility with complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) devices. However, poor charge retention time is a drawback for the floating gate flash memory devices. By simply increasing the thickness of tunneling dielectric layer, the charge retention properties can be enhanced. Nevertheless, it would degrade the program/erase speed and increase the power consumption. In this regard, we have developed floating gate structures for low voltage flash memory devices with capability of trapping charge carriers effectively, resulting in a longer retention time without sacrificing the device performance. In this presentation, I discuss on such hybrid floating gates and extending FET architecture for sensing applications. 


Invited talk 2: 


A compact device model for nanoparticle-organic memory transistor’s characterization

Dr. Van Huy Mai

 Le Quy Don Technical University, Vietnam


Abstract: Neuromorphic electronic devices have recently been a candidate for new computing architecture associated with innovative nanotechnologies. A report of the characterization of Nanoparticle organic memory transistor (NOMFET) is introduced a behavior similar to a biological spiking synapse in neural networks. In this paper, a model refinement based on the extracted parameters including a hybrid NOMFET/CMOS neuromorphic computing circuit and architecture of synapse to neuron interface by characterizing transistor – memory and the temporal dynamic function is presented. A compact EKV model refinement serves as a link between process nanotechnology and circuit design for novel CMOS devices.




Fabrication of 16×16 array organic ReRAM using commercial printer and its ASCII encoder

Dr. Dao Thanh Toan

University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam


Abstract: This work demonstrates a bendable 16×16 array organic memristor in a crossbar array fabricated from a composite of fullerene organic semiconductor and polymer matrix where its bit or word lines were made using a commercial inkjet printer. Also, the application for computer data storage is discussed with ASCII encoder by a computer.


Closing: Electronics engineering department


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